Tips to Send Free Mensajes Movilnet SMS

Movilnet is the only service provider in Venezuela to offer no cost SMS service. Get ready to experience unlimited SMS in the country at no cost.

It was basically a problematic task to deliver SMS to Movilnet mobile in the past. Now, you can easily use the website in order to send any number of text and multimedia messages. Unlimited multimedia and text SMS can certainly be delivered for free from this weblink to Movilnet mobiles, Digitel and Movistar in Notilogia. Just simply check out this particular web site and click on the most appropriate form to deliver SMS for free in Notilogia.

You can send multimedia and text SMS messages by means of the device offered on the web with out the necessity to hold on for slower webpage. You should make use of Microsoft Internet Explorer to send Mensajes Movilnet SMS to Movilnet, Digitel and Movistar mobiles. This is important to key in the mobile number in the box given at the lower left side of the web site. Select either 0426 or 0416 dependent on the location and key in the telephone number; for instance 2184517. Maximum of 120 characters are allowed in each SMS. Simply just click on the Enviar button for sending SMS. Immediately after that captcha is generated. You need to type in the generated figures in specified box. SMS will be delivered on successfully entering the displayed figures properly. A cerrar (close) button is shown on sending the message successfully. In order to avoid sending of SMS by programs, captcha is introduced.

A Venezuela centered phone service provider - Movilnet permits sending unrestricted SMS without the need to hold on for a longer time. Among numerous companies which provide phone services in Venezuela, Movilnet is the only company that permits delivering Mensajes Movilnet SMS for free. Various internet sites these days allow free SMS across the world. The other phone service providers charge the SMS receiving person. The area codes 0416 or 0426 are certain to Movilnet phone service supplier.

Other Venezuela phone service providers use separate location codes when compared to Movilnet. The area codes for other Venezuela phone service providers including Digitel, Movistar, Tesan, Elca and Infonet are 0412, 0424 and 0414, 0415, 0417 and 0418. It is better to select a free SMS provider in Venezuela to prevent unwanted charging for your friend. You can certainly deliver no cost SMS through numerous websites which includes,, and worldwide. You can make use of various other internet sites across the world to deliver SMS for cost-free to Venezuela mobiles.


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